For years, Amanda has inspired and encouraged clients and audiences alike to reach their full potential by finding hope, courage and purpose.

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Amanda is the sort of person who, if you tell her she can’t do something, will usually find a way. You may not think that is a big deal, but she has been totally blind since birth, so what you might find easy often creates challenges for her that she overcomes.

Amanda has made a number of television appearances, including appearing on ABC News (Australia), 60 Minutes, and The Midday Show (Australia). She has also done quite a number of radio interviews.

As a speaker, Amanda uses her life experiences to inspire and encourage audiences to take courageous action to overcome the challenges that keep them stuck so they can reach their full potential in work and life.

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This book is a powerful combination of inspiration, understanding yourself, and tangible wisdom for life. Amanda Heal manages to bridge the gap between having a vision for your life and turning it into reality, with beautiful story-telling and practical advice.

Tash Corbin

Business Mentor

Amanda Heal’s Seeing by Vision, not by Sight, is a very inspiring, encouraging read for anyone who is not feeling truly satisfied by their lives or careers. Full of practical activities to help you discover the right future and the courage to embark on it, the strategies are proven by the author’s own journey in which she has overcome obstacles that would have defeated most of us. Let her story and her practical advice stimulate you to a new and fulfilling future.

Rupert French

career practitioner, job search coach and author of How to Get a Good Job After 50

Well done, Amanda of sharing and impacting the world with your message as you continue to live your life’s purpose.

Annemarie Cross

The Podcasting Queen

A Life Purpose Champion, who will coach and champion YOU along your journey as you discover and live YOUR life purpose.

That she did. And, that she is.

It’s because Amanda herself has gone through the experience. And, there’s nothing more powerful than learning from someone who has lived through a challenge and championed her way to success.

I believe that’s because the words in her book are not just some random thoughts and ideas that she’s put onto paper.

From discovering your life’s purpose – right through to living your life’s purpose and getting into action. Amanda’s book covers it all in a well laid out, step-by-step guide.

Thankfully, all of the things people lack clarity on, Amanda has written about in her book.

Often, one of the reasons people don’t change – is that they don’t know-how. They don’t know how because they lack clarity. And, the fear of the unknown – that uncertainty ends up winning and they remain stuck in a role that is unmotivating and unfulfilling. Often, until the decision is taken out of their hands, through corporate downsizing and redundancy.

Identifying your purpose – your ‘why’ is something I know many people struggle with. During my time as a Career Coach – the number of times I’d hear someone complain about their job, yet do nothing about it, astounded me. Change Nothing and Nothing Changes – as the saying goes.