Will Your Next Raise really Be Worth The Cost?

When I got my last promotion, I was thrilled! I had moved into a field I’d wanted to work in for years, and I was getting paid more.

But, as the years went by, I started to become restless. I was enjoying the lifestyle that my new income gave me, but I was no longer enjoying the work I was doing, as I felt that I was no longer making a real difference.

I thought that, perhaps if I applied for another promotion, the extra money would make me happier. I knew that I would have extra responsibility and would have to work extra hours, but perhaps it would be worth it.

Then, I was made redundant. My income halved overnight.

After some time, I started my own business as an inspirational speaker and life coach. I absolutely love what I do, as I’m making a real difference in the lives of others.

Before you apply for that next promotion, consider the following:

  • What are all the benefits you will receive if you get the promotion? e.g. money, perks, mental stimulation, doing something you love, challenge, learning something new, etc.
  • What will the promotion cost you? Consider the effect that any increase in hours, responsibility or pressure will have on your lifestyle, your family, and your health.
  • Weighing the benefits against the costs, will the promotion bring you long term joy and fulfilment?

The fulfilment I get from my work more than makes up for my drop in income. I’m so glad I didn’t get that second promotion as I get more joy and fulfilment out of what I do now than I ever would have got from the extra money.

If you are considering applying for a promotion, and would like help to work through any of the issues I’ve raised in this post, let’s chat. You can book a time in my calendar that suits you by clicking here.