Is It Your Job That’s Making You Miserable or Your Career In General?

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If your job is making you miserable, before you do anything about it, sit down and have a think whether it’s your job that’s making you miserable, or your career in general.

For example, you might have an established career as a policy drafter, but you are miserable because there’s just too much work to do, and you’re sitting in a tiny cubical and the environment is horrible. In this case, you hate your job, not your policy drafting career. However, if your workload was OK, and you liked the people you worked with but were still miserable, it might be the policy drafting that’s the problem.

In the first case, you might consider moving jobs, so that you can continue doing what you enjoy, but in a better environment. In the second case, you might need to consider a career change.

If you’re unsure whether it’s your job or your career that’s the problem, why not contact me and we can make a time to have a chat about it.

Until my next blog post, have a great day and #DoWhatYouLove