Is Your Job Making You Miserabl? don’t talk about it on social media

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I thought I’d write a few blog posts about what you can do if your job makes you miserable. If you’d rather see the Facebook live video of this content, click here

I wanted to write these posts because so many people are miserable in their jobs. I know I was. Now, thankfully, I’m in a job that I love.

If your job makes you miserable, don’t post about it on social media. Seriously, don’t!

You never know who might see that tweet about how much you don’t like your boss, or that rant on Facebook about how much you hate your job. A friend of your boss might see that post, and pass it on!

If you are applying for jobs, this is particularly important, as there is nothing to stop a potential future employer from checking your social media profiles to see what sort of person you are. You wouldn’t want a future employer to decide not to employ you because they’ve seen a social media post from you complaining about your current job or employer. That future employer wouldn’t want you doing that about them!

If you want to tell someone about how miserable you are in your job, tell your best friend, or your dog, or cat, or pet lizard, or whatever pet you have. Pets are so wonderful aren’t they? You can cry on their shoulders, or tell them anything, and they’ll keep your secrets.

In my next blog post, I’ll offer some tips about who you can tell. Until then, have a great day and #DoWhatYouLove