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How To Discover Your Life’s Purpose Part 3

How To Discover Your Life’s Purpose part 3

In a previous post, I said that in order to discover your live’s purpose you must examine your present, past and passions. In this post, I will outline a method that I believe works well when examining your present, past and passions.

How to Examine Your Present, Past and Passions

Choose the right environment for this process

  • Pick the place or activity which allows your thoughts to flow freely.
  • Examples could include lying down or sitting comfortably in a quiet place with no interruptions, doing a repetitive task or going for a walk.

ask a specific question

  • Don’t choose something broad like What is my purpose?” But pick something much narrower, such as any of the questions suggested in my previous post
  • Ask someone the question. I like to ask God the question, but you can ask yourself, the universe, or anyone you prefer.

Wait for the answer

  • Don’t ask the question over and over, or strive for the answer, as you won’t receive anything that way.
  • Ask your question, and wait, allowing your mind to relax.
  • Don’t try and think of anything, but don’t try and not think of anything either.
  • If an irrelevant thought comes into your head, just let it pass through without dealing with it, like letting a rope or piece of yarn run loosely through your fingers.
  • When something eventually does come through, like an answer, or a related question, take hold of it and ponder it for a while. It may lead you down a path of consideration, or may raise another question.

record particularly good thoughts or decisions

  • You can use a pen and paper, a computer, or perhaps a recording device, such as a phone.
  • Detailed recording can interrupt the flow of thoughts, so it’s often better to record a word or two to jolt your memory later.
  • After you’ve finished, you can write everything out in full.
  • Alternatively, you can pause your thought process, record whatever you’ve decided or come up with, and then re-start from where you left off.

It Won’t Happen Overnight, But It Will Happen

I believe that discovering your purpose is a bit like refining gold. Some gold is easy to find and can be extracted out of a riverbed, using a simple pan. Other gold must be dug out of the ground and, even then, it is hidden in the rock that is removed.

Some people discover their purpose relatively easily, much like someone panning for gold in a river. It isn’t buried deeply, so it is easy to find, and easy to define.

Others must work hard and dig deeper to discover their purpose, much like those who mine for gold underground. Their purpose is buried beneath years of a life lived doing something else. It is buried under a lifetime of old habits and beliefs. Sometimes, not even a glimmer of it is in sight, because it has been forgotten.

Be aware that following the steps above to discover and refine your purpose will require deep thinking on your part and will take time.

However, I promise that every minute you spend and every ounce of effort you put into this process will be worth much more than you ever expected.