Do What You Love Series Episode 3

Welcome to episode 3 of the Do What You Love Podcast, this is part of a special 3-part series to help you discover your life purpose so you can have more fulfilment and joy in your life and career.
I’m your host Amanda Heal.
In the last episode of this special series, I talked about what life purpose is, and described what living outside of your life purpose would look like, in terms of work. If you’ve just stumbled across this podcast, you may want to pause this episode and go back and listen to the first 2 episodes, as they all fit together like pieces of a puzzle.
In this episode, I’m going to talk about what living out your life purpose looks like, how you can discover your life purpose if you don’t already know what that is, and how I can come along with you on the journey to discovering your life purpose.
So, what does it look like to live out your life purpose?
As I did in the previous episode, I’ll use work as the basis for talking about what this looks like. However, what I will be saying can just as easily apply to any area of life.
Let me use my own work as an illustration:
– When I’m working with clients, speaking, and producing social media content, I’m using my natural gifts and talents, and doing what just comes naturally to me;
– I’m no longer trying to live up to the expectations of my work colleagues, friends and family, and i’m no longer trying to be someone I know deep down that I’m not – I’m just being me;
– Everything that I do aligns with my personal values, and I know I’m exactly where I belong;
– I know that what I do makes a real difference in the lives of others, and and I regularly experience a deep sense of fulfilment and joy in what I do.
But I’m not saying every day is perfect, as it’s not. I still face mindset challenges, like whether I’m good enough to do this, and whether anyone will listen to or believe me. As a business owner I still have to do tasks that I don’t enjoy very much. But it’s all worth it, as it’s a means to an end, which is inspiring and encouraging others to discover and live out their life purpose, which is what I absolutely love to do!
You are probably asking by now “how do I discover this life purpose”?
Well, I believe that there are three steps that you need to take to discover your life purpose. They are:
Examine your present
Examine your past, and
Examine your passions or dreams
If you take the time to follow these steps, you’ll discover themes which run through these 3 aspects of your life. these themes will point towards your life purpose.
At the beginning of this episode, I referred to the process of discovering your life purpose as a journey. This is true. It is rarely something you discover overnight.
I was thinking about this the other day. I believe that discovering your life purpose is a bit like refining gold. Some gold is easy to find and can be extracted out of a riverbed, using a simple pan. Other gold must be dug out of the ground and, even then, it is hidden in the rock that is removed.
Some people discover their life purpose relatively easily, much like someone panning for gold in a river. It isn’t buried deeply, so it is easy to find, and easy to define.
Others must work hard and dig deeper to discover their life purpose, much like those who mine for gold underground. Their life purpose is buried beneath years of a life lived doing something else. It is buried under a lifetime of old habits and beliefs. Sometimes, not even a glimmer of it is in sight, because it has been forgotten.
Be aware that discovering and refining your life purpose will require deep thinking on your part and will take time. However, I promise that every minute you spend and every ounce of effort you put into this process will be worth much more than you ever expected.
Please, don’t be like me and waste years of your life wondering what to do because you lack the confidence to make a change. Start the process of discovering your life purpose today, and figuring out what changes you need to make to start living it out.
But don’t worry, you don’t have to discover your life purpose on your own. There are a number of resources that I’ve developed that will help you.
Firstly, I’ve created a workbook to help you examine your present, past and passions. The workbook contains questions to prompt your self-examination and reflection. You can download this workbook from the same page as you downloaded your podcast, the link to which was emailed to you when you completed the quiz.
I’ve also written a book called “You Don’t Need Sight, You Just Need Vision”. In this book, I tell my own story, and then guide you through the process of examining your present, past and passions, and also suggest ways that you can start to work out how you will live out your life purpose. This book is available on my website at
But if you’re the sort of person who prefers a more hands on approach, there’s something for you too, which is my Discover Your Life Purpose coaching program. In this program, I work with you as you examine your present, past and passions, and we work on overcoming any fears or limiting beliefs that might come up. Once you have discovered your life purpose, you then have the option to work with me further to figure out how you will live it out. If this program interests you, just go to my website at, and click the Let’s talk link to book an appointment in my calendar.
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I hope you’ve found these 3 podcast episodes helpful and even thought provoking, and I look forward to talking with you here, or even in person, soon. Until next time, have a great day and do what you love!