Do What You love Series Episode 1

vWelcome to Episode 1 of the Do What You love Podcast – this is part of a special 3-part series to help you discover your life purpose so you can have more fulfilment and joy in your life and career.
I’m your host Amanda Heal.
Do you feel like you work just to pay the bills and your weekend is fill with chores?
Do you feel like your life is lacking meaning or significance?
Are you finding that your job no longer brings you the joy and excitement that it used to?
Perhaps you’re fed up with the stress, long work hours and poor work-life balance?
If any of these problems resonate with you, I know exactly how you feel because I was there too once. But then I discovered the solution, which is what I want to share with you in this podcast and this podcast series. The solution is to discover and live out your life purpose.
Have you ever asked yourself what your life purpose is?
I know I certainly didn’t.
In fact, I didn’t begin to wonder about my life purpose until my 27th birthday. I have no idea why. I pondered all through my lunch break, but didn’t come up with anything satisfactory. I asked my colleagues what they thought, and they didn’t come up with anything. I asked my family, and they didn’t come up with anything either, so I put the question in the too hard basket and forgot about it for almost 17 years until the day in late 2013, when I had to face the very real possibility of losing my job.
Drastic cuts had been made to the Public Service during that year and people would ask me if I was afraid of losing my job. “of course not” I’d laugh, “I’m a totally blind lawyer, and a union delegate. They wouldn’t dare!”
But then one day, out of the blue, it was announced that the agency I was working for was going to be downsized by 50%, and that 7 legal jobs would be cut.
While I’d been happy for most of my legal career, I had become restless and unhappy over the past few years. But I lacked the confidence to change jobs, and certainly wasn’t prepared to lose the job I had!
I was suddenly terrified, but managed to keep my emotions in check until I got home. And then I went to pieces. If I lost my job, how would I pay the mortgage? How would I live? being totally blind, it’s not as if I could get a job as a checkout chick or pizza delivery person until I found something better.
Now, I’m a woman of faith, and what I have to say over the next 30 seconds or so relates to that. I’m not asking you to believe what I’m going to say, I’m just telling you what happened to me.
I’ve never been someone who could pick scriptures out of the air, so when Jeremiah 29:11 popped into my head, as I sat crying that got my attention. For those not familiar with that verse, it speaks of God having plans for us for hope and a future. As i pondered this, I was even more surprised when an almost audible voice said in my head “I have a job for you”. I heard this voice twice more over the next few months.
In January 2014, my employer offered me a redundancy, and at about the same time, I was offered the opportunity to sell skincare through a network marketing company. I’d secretly always wanted to run my own business, so I took the redundancy and jumped into selling skincare with the enthusiasm of a woman desperately trying to run away from her past.
One thing that I learnt very quickly was, just because I love a product and am happy to spend considerable amounts of money on it, doesn’t mean that everyone else will, even if I think they should. I was losing more than I was making, but being the stubborn person I am, I pressed on, determined to succeed, if only to prove to my family and friends that I could run a successful business.
In July 2015, whilst at a skincare conference, I fell, and very seriously injured my knee. It’s amazing what 10 weeks spent sitting on a couch, soul searching will achieve.
I eventually admitted to myself that I wasn’t doing at all well in the skincare business, and it was time to make a change. I had done a lot of personal development training through the skincare company, and it was at the very time I had decided to stop selling that the person who trained me called and asked if I’d like to retrain as a John C Maxwell speaker, trainer and coach. I was sure that this would be easier than selling skincare, so I said yes.
When I finished my training, I decided to specialise in career coaching, but was unable to get more than a couple of clients. so I decided to enlist the services of a coach to help me figure out what was going wrong.
Nothing beats working with a good coach. A good coach will ask questions and may even make suggestions, but will never tell you what to do. Their only agenda is your success, and they will help you to discover what you need to do to get it.
After a number of coaching sessions, I began to realise that the reason why I wasn’t getting clients for career coaching was that career coaching wasn’t what I really wanted to do. But what did I want to do?
One afternoon, as I was lying on my bed pondering this, my thoughts were drawn back to my purpose, and how I didn’t know what it was. As I lay there, I started thinking about my speaking and coaching training, and how easy it had been.
Speaking and coaching had come naturally to me. I’d been public speaking in one form or another since I was a child, and I’ve never had the paralysing fear that people describe when they have to stand in front of a group and speak. One of the main components of coaching is listening, and what skill have I had to develop very well as a blind person? to listen.
Then I began to look further back into my past. I remembered all the opportunities I had had to speak publicly, and the hours I had spent listening to and encouraging friends, and how ever since I was a child, I had always wanted some sort of job that helped people.
And then it came to me. I wanted to be a speaker and coach, helping my clients discover their life purpose, so that they could figure out what they wanted to do with their whole lives. This was my purpose. This was what I had been building up to my whole life.
Now I’m living out my purpose, and am happier than I’ve ever been, but more on that later.
Now, if you’ve just stumbled across this podcast, you may not know about my quiz. Would you like to know whether you are living out your life purpose? I’ve created a quiz to help you do just that. Just go to my website, fill in the form, and you’ll get the link to do the quiz. Easy!
In the next episode of this special 3-part podcast series, I’m going to talk about what life purpose is, what it looks like to live outside of your life purpose, and what problems that can cause over the long term.
Until next time, have a great day and do what you love!

Will Your Next Raise really Be Worth The Cost?

When I got my last promotion, I was thrilled! I had moved into a field I’d wanted to work in for years, and I was getting paid more.

But, as the years went by, I started to become restless. I was enjoying the lifestyle that my new income gave me, but I was no longer enjoying the work I was doing, as I felt that I was no longer making a real difference.

I thought that, perhaps if I applied for another promotion, the extra money would make me happier. I knew that I would have extra responsibility and would have to work extra hours, but perhaps it would be worth it.

Then, I was made redundant. My income halved overnight.

After some time, I started my own business as an inspirational speaker and life coach. I absolutely love what I do, as I’m making a real difference in the lives of others.

Before you apply for that next promotion, consider the following:

  • What are all the benefits you will receive if you get the promotion? e.g. money, perks, mental stimulation, doing something you love, challenge, learning something new, etc.
  • What will the promotion cost you? Consider the effect that any increase in hours, responsibility or pressure will have on your lifestyle, your family, and your health.
  • Weighing the benefits against the costs, will the promotion bring you long term joy and fulfilment?

The fulfilment I get from my work more than makes up for my drop in income. I’m so glad I didn’t get that second promotion as I get more joy and fulfilment out of what I do now than I ever would have got from the extra money.

If you are considering applying for a promotion, and would like help to work through any of the issues I’ve raised in this post, let’s chat. You can book a time in my calendar that suits you by clicking here.

Discover the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose

How To Discover Your Life’s Purpose Part 3

How To Discover Your Life’s Purpose part 3

In a previous post, I said that in order to discover your live’s purpose you must examine your present, past and passions. In this post, I will outline a method that I believe works well when examining your present, past and passions.

How to Examine Your Present, Past and Passions

Choose the right environment for this process

  • Pick the place or activity which allows your thoughts to flow freely.
  • Examples could include lying down or sitting comfortably in a quiet place with no interruptions, doing a repetitive task or going for a walk.

ask a specific question

  • Don’t choose something broad like What is my purpose?” But pick something much narrower, such as any of the questions suggested in my previous post
  • Ask someone the question. I like to ask God the question, but you can ask yourself, the universe, or anyone you prefer.

Wait for the answer

  • Don’t ask the question over and over, or strive for the answer, as you won’t receive anything that way.
  • Ask your question, and wait, allowing your mind to relax.
  • Don’t try and think of anything, but don’t try and not think of anything either.
  • If an irrelevant thought comes into your head, just let it pass through without dealing with it, like letting a rope or piece of yarn run loosely through your fingers.
  • When something eventually does come through, like an answer, or a related question, take hold of it and ponder it for a while. It may lead you down a path of consideration, or may raise another question.

record particularly good thoughts or decisions

  • You can use a pen and paper, a computer, or perhaps a recording device, such as a phone.
  • Detailed recording can interrupt the flow of thoughts, so it’s often better to record a word or two to jolt your memory later.
  • After you’ve finished, you can write everything out in full.
  • Alternatively, you can pause your thought process, record whatever you’ve decided or come up with, and then re-start from where you left off.

It Won’t Happen Overnight, But It Will Happen

I believe that discovering your purpose is a bit like refining gold. Some gold is easy to find and can be extracted out of a riverbed, using a simple pan. Other gold must be dug out of the ground and, even then, it is hidden in the rock that is removed.

Some people discover their purpose relatively easily, much like someone panning for gold in a river. It isn’t buried deeply, so it is easy to find, and easy to define.

Others must work hard and dig deeper to discover their purpose, much like those who mine for gold underground. Their purpose is buried beneath years of a life lived doing something else. It is buried under a lifetime of old habits and beliefs. Sometimes, not even a glimmer of it is in sight, because it has been forgotten.

Be aware that following the steps above to discover and refine your purpose will require deep thinking on your part and will take time.

However, I promise that every minute you spend and every ounce of effort you put into this process will be worth much more than you ever expected.

If you can discover your purpose and live it out, you will be living almost by instinct and will be doing what you were created to do

How To Discover Your Life’s Purpose Part 2

In a previous post, I set out the 3 steps that I believe you must take in order to discover your purpose. In this post, I will discuss the meaning of purpose, as it relates to your life’s purpose.

What is Purpose?

The Macquarie Dictionary defines purpose as:

“the object for which anything exists or is done, made, used, etc.”

Application of The Definition

If you use an object for its intended purpose, the object usually works well. But, if you try to use the object for a purpose for which it is not designed, it will either not work at all, or will not work very well.

A toaster is specifically designed to toast bread, and other similar products. But, if you tried to make a cup of coffee using the toaster, it would not work at all. Similarly, if you used a butter knife to spread suitably softened butter onto bread, it would work very well. But if you tried to use the butter knife to cut steak, it may go some way towards cutting the meat, but it wouldn’t work particularly well.

I believe the same applies to people. If a person is trying to work and live outside their purpose, they will not do as well as someone who is working and living out their purpose. A person who discovers and lives out their purpose does the thing they were made to do, and usually does it very well.

Society teaches us to rely on our knowledge rather than our instinct. So, many people end up living out their lives relying almost entirely on knowledge, rather than instinct, and never discover, and live out their purpose. This can lead to discouragement, disillusionment, and depression.

Other Descriptions of Purpose

Pastor, author and filmmaker, TD Jakes, describes this purpose as being much like an instinct. It comes naturally to you — something you are wired to do. He says that if you can combine your instinct with your intellect, you will obtain happiness and fulfilment.

Nutritionist and author Shawn Stevenson describes what I am referring to as a “superpower”. He says that your “superpower” is a unique gift or talent that only you possess.

If you can discover and live out your purpose, you will be able to live almost by instinct, and will enjoy the life you were created to live, obtaining maximum happiness and fulfilment.

If you would like to know more about how to discover your life’s purpose, please reach out to me. If you feel that someone you know may benefit from this post, please do share it with them.